Mai/Juni 2017 Polyglott Konferenz in Bratislava (Polyglot Gathering 2017)

Anlässlich der jährlich wiederkehrenden Polyglott Konferenz erhielt der Mitarbeiter und Vielsprachler des Sprachendienstes des Auswärtigen Amts Berlin Daniel Martin Angelo Ricco die Möglichkeit, über Emil Krebs zu referieren:

Title "The Kaiser`s most talented polyglot - The extraordinary life of interpreter, diplomat and language nerd Emil Krebs who mastered 68 languages."

Description: Emil Krebs, (1867-1930) is considered one of the most talented polyglots of all times. Born in Silesia, Krebs grew up in imperial Germany where he studied law and Chinese and finally became an interpreter for the German Foreign Service. Serving more than two decades in Beijing and later in Berlin, Krebs not only continued improving his language skills throughout his life but proved himself to be an astute observer of political affairs. What can we learn from this outstanding talent? And what does his biography tell us about diplomacy as a profession for language lovers?”